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  • Gamify your fitness

    Our mission is to build a community that encourages and motivates others to build healthier daily habits through the gamification of fitness using NFTs. We aren’t just creating NFTs, however, we’re building a mobile game and brand that go beyond the digital realm to provide utility for our members in the real world.

The Staff

  • @mbuckle.eth


    Prior to opening the PowerUp Gym, mbuckle.eth co-founded the PowerUp iOS mobile app as well as the PowerUp Apple Watch companion app in late 2017. He has also worked as a Software Engineer for several well-known tech companies in Silicon Valley.

  • @esketcho


    Mitch, the artist for the original PowerUp app, has done work for short films, magazines, as well as penned and illustrated several childrens books including Strawberry Swing with song lyrics by Coldplay.

  • @monchi


    monchi has a long history in the tech industry including having his startup acquired by a major tech company in Silicon Valley.

  • @markr


    markr is a Silicon Valley veteran who has shipped over 30 mobile apps to production, and hosts a leading podcast for mobile app developers.

  • @caseinc


    caseinc a staunch hacker and engineer has been holding it down in the tech game a long time working for many iconic companies in Silicon Valley and around the world.

  • @tik

    Community Manager

    TIK is a strong advocate for functional bodybuilding and loves to cross-train with different exercises, movements, and modalities. He has worked as a product marketer for several tech companies in Silicon Valley and NYC.

  • @misterchris

    Personal Trainer

    misterchris was a former PT at Equinox where he specialized in creating individual plans for clients to teach them about exercise, nutrition, and wellness.


PowerUp is much more than a Profile Picture (PFP) project. We’ve built a play-and-earn mobile game where members can use their PowerUp NFT as their game character so they can compete against others to stay accountable for building healthier daily habits. We are creating the premier gym of the Metaverse, and if we’re successful, maybe even have a PowerUp Gym in the real world at some point in the future.

We created a mobile application which allows users to earn Exercise Points (XP) by exercising in real life. Upon launching the app users can compete against each other on the Leaderboard to see how they stack up and earn rewards for participating. In upcoming updates to the app users will be able to redeem these rewards to power up their game characters with cool gear from a marketplace. They will also able to battle others in daily matchups to earn more rewards. Check out our Medium blog post for more details.

We first started working on PowerUp in 2017 so this project has been over 4 years in the making. @mbuckle.eth is the creator of PowerUp.nft and co-founder of the original PowerUp iOS and Apple Watch mobile applications. @esketcho is the original artist from the PowerUp mobile apps and is also now creating the amazing art for our NFTs. We also have an amazing team of developers who have shipped several mobile applications in production for well-known Silicon Valley tech companies.

The first NFT mint for the project was on December 1st for the PowerUp Gym membership passes which have ongoing utility in the PowerUp universe including for the minting of your PowerUp mobile game character(s). All membership pass holders will be able to mint PowerUp Game Character NFTs at a discount on January 1st during the Presale window.

Yes, there will be a Presale period on January 1st prior to opening it up for a Public sale on January 8th. Keep an eye on the #announcements channel in our Discord server for more information (including pricing) as it becomes available.

You can mint a PowerUp Game Character NFT starting January 1st by selecting the Mint Game Character button from our home page. These game characters are required in order to play-and-earn rewards in our mobile application.

We have many mile markers along the route, all of which are being carefully planned, and we expect to have plenty of input from all members of the gym in order to properly chart the desired course. On January 1st we will launch the first version of the mobile app in parallel with the PowerUp game characters NFTs so that members can use their characters in the game to earn rewards. That is one of the major mile markers, but we have many other fun checkpoints along the route with lots of real-life utility including, but not limited to, workout plans from our personal trainers as well as merchandise.